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Professor Tubarão holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics with a minor in Music from Barry University.


His artistic endeavors are intricately intertwined with the natural world, which serves as a fundamental muse in his creative journey.


He draws inspiration from the sounds of nature, seamlessly incorporating them into his clay creations.


Professor Tubarão's expertise extends to teaching the craft of instrument making using clay, crafting various forms ranging from woodwind to percussive and stringed instruments.


These creations are deeply rooted in ancient cultures, offering a bridge between historical influences and contemporary expression.

In addition to his mastery of ceramics and music, Professor Tubarão is a seasoned art entertainer and educator, proficient in various mediums including Dance, Painting, Clay, and Music.


In 2018, he co-founded the Miami Art Center alongside his mother, founder of Miami Capoeira Sol e Lua and Sol e Lua Cultural Arts center, cementing his commitment to fostering artistic expression and education within the community.





Bachelor of Fine Arts: Ceramics


Minor: Music 

Barry University

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