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Joseph Shaman 

Instrutor Tubarão

Joseph is a graduate of fine arts from Barry University with a focus in functional ceramics. He has an organic style that refers to nature through an assortment of shapes and colors. Nature plays a role in his creative process, specifically the sounds of nature and how they can be recreated through clay and ceramic objects. From a young age he had been musically talented, and later studied percussion drumming in school. He minored in music at Barry university and began teaching Brazilian percussion in 2014 at Miami Capoeira Sol E lua. He makes instruments from a variety of mediums such as rope, metal, animal hide and ceramics, creating forms such as flutes, percussive and stringed instruments that are inspired from the cultures that have influenced his life. 

In addition, Joseph began formally training Capoeira, Brazilian martial arts since he was 5 yrs old and began instructing in 2012. His dedication to teaching percussion and martial arts to both children and adults at Miami Capoeira Sol e Lua  has helped expand it into a flourishing Cultural Arts Center.

He has performed in several medium/art forms; including Capoeira, ceramics, and music.


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